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  • 2022-2023(1)學術漢語讀寫 學習情況調查表

    1. 老師對你進行了考勤?Your attendance has been checked by the teacher
    2. 老師能為你解答疑問You can get help from the teacher
    3. 老師上課準備充分,課堂內容充The teacher has made sufficient preparation for the lessons
    4. 老師講課思路清晰,重點突出The teacher selects suitable methods to make the contents clear and highlight the key points
    5. PPT 規范清晰Teacher’s instruction on the PowerPoint is standardized and clear
    6. 老師發音標準,表達準確,語速適中The teacher has good pronunciation, accurate expression and moderate speed
    7. 老師善于引導,能帶動你的學習積極性The teacher can stimulate students’ interests in learning
    8. 通過上課、答疑和作業,你能基本掌握課程知識You are able to acquire most of the knowledge by attending class, answering questions and doing homework
    9. 你對本課程的滿意程度Your feelings of the course
    10. 你的意見和建議Your comments and suggestions
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